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Supplier Strategies

What We Do

We enable buyers and suppliers to implement successful collaborative relationships that create sustainable value

Almost half of all collaboration projects fail. They fail as a result of a combination of issues to do with people, competences, engagement and alignment. Those collaboration projects that succeed do so because they have built a solid structure where shared risks and required outcomes are understood by both collaborators and their sponsors.

All solid structures need firm foundations

Our philosophy is that the most reliable path to success is by doing the groundwork.

Visualising how your collaboration is going to work and what success looks like requires anticipating all eventualities. It helps identify potential stumbling blocks and identifies the necessary skills and mindset your team needs to negotiate them. It means preparing your team, your stakeholders and your partners for working in a different way than they might be used to.

This is where we can help.

Who We Are

I set up Supplier Strategies in 2020 in response to the increasing demands on procurement teams to "add value" over and above cost savings, and in the knowledge that almost half of those supplier collaboration strategies fail to deliver anywhere near the value expected of them.

After analysing the reasons for collaboration failure along with a deep dive into academic theories of organisational behaviours I developed a methodology by which many of the issues can be addressed. Along with some carefully selected collaborators I can deliver practical solutions to enable you to create the environment, ramp up the skills and ultimately build the foundations upon which true, sustainable value can be delivered to both supplier and buyer organisations.

If you are a CPO or procurement professional who has been asked to deliver on added value as well as cost savings, talk to us.


How We Work

There's nothing new about collaborating with suppliers. What is new is the emphasis on these relationships bearing more fruit. Organisations are now asking procurement to work with suppliers to help them break into new product or geographic markets. The relationships collaborators build are becoming less "supplier/buyer" and more about "partner/partner". This moves procurement into new territory and it needs to rethink its role in the organisation for the promises true supplier collaboration make to become reality.

In this new environment of creating value hand in hand with suppliers, your procurement team needs to change its focus:

That's why, at Supplier Strategies, we work with you not only to create the environment and culture required to develop these relationships, but to work with your team, your stakeholders and, crucially, your suppliers to fully understand the issues and dynamics behind current supplier collaboration processes. Alongside an assessment of the essential strategic, cultural and business objectives fit, we evaluate all aspects of the supplier and buyer teams to identify in 360° the key pain points and inhibitors to successful collaboration.

The key deliverables on our projects form the foundations of a solid relationship between two collaborators working on a win/win basis including:

Collaboration Playbook

Your Collaboration Playbook will be unique to your collaboration, embodying a shared vision of what the relationship entails, its limits, who is part of it, and for what purpose, with each participant adopting a Win/Win mindset. It will also detail the Governance Model and Learning & Development Plan which will form the other two deliverables.

Governance Model

The second deliverable is a solid governance structure that reflects the commitment that both partners bring to the relationship, overseeing Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Time-based Objectives and Key Results. It will describe in detail the agreed personnel who will form the governance team, it will describe the escalation paths for realised risks and process for change requests, and it will embody the shared targets and timescales for success. 

Learning & Development Plan

A comprehensive Learning and Development Plan for procurement managers, supplier personnel, key stakeholders, with a review process that allows for the relationship to adapt and grow as necessary. It will detail all training pathways at the personnel level focusing on developing the 7 key attributes for success that all collaboration team members should embody.


We provide a theoretical basis and practical tools and services to facilitate both outputs. We facilitate the learning and development provide the expertise for team development, whilst also providing the structure for maintaining the objectives focused, actively governed, win/win approach throughout the early phases of the collaborative relationship.

Our Values

Supplier Strategies adheres fiercely to a set of inalienable guiding values. These are what we expect of our employees, our partners and our clients.

  • An unerring commitment to, and expectation of, the highest ethical standards. Any client of Supplier Strategies can expect the highest level of integrity from us, just as we would expect it from them.

  • The need to both challenge, and be challenged. We have an unshakeable urge to continuously push for innovation in “the way things are done around here”.

  • The quest to increase our own knowledge and understanding. We refuse to stagnate – so should you. 

Our Commitment to Net Zero

Climate change is the major challenge of our time and everyone, from individuals and households, to small companies and multinational corporates, have a role to play to ensure we leave the planet in a better shape than when we arrived.

We commit to avoiding any unnecessary travel, only using renewable sources of energy, carbon offsetting for any fossil fuels consumed and zero "one-use plastic" consumption. We commit to using an alternative to plastic and other fossil fuel-based materials as and when they become commercially available. We commit to placing the long-term health of the planet front and centre of the work we do.    

As part of our contribution Supplier Strategies has committed to helping reach net zero emissions by 2030. We have made our commitment public by signing up on the SME Climate Hub and our subsequent including in the Race to Zero.

We strongly encourage all our partners, clients and suppliers to do the same. 

S u p p l i e r   S t r a t e g i e s

Supplier Strategies Limited is incorporated in the UK and registered at Companies House.

Company Registration: 12645900