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That's why, at Supplier Strategies, we work with you not only to create the environment and culture required to develop these relationships, but to work with your team, your stakeholders and, crucially, your suppliers to fully understand the issues and dynamics behind current supplier collaboration processes. Alongside an assessment of the essential strategic, cultural and business objectives fit, we evaluate all aspects of the supplier and buyer teams to identify in 360° the key pain points and inhibitors to successful collaboration.

Our Values

Our Commitment to Net Zero

Climate change is the major challenge of our time and everyone, from individuals and households, to small companies and multinational corporates, have a role to play to ensure we leave the planet in a better shape than when we arrived.

We commit to avoiding any unnecessary travel, only using renewable sources of energy, carbon offsetting for any fossil fuels consumed and zero "one-use plastic" consumption. We commit to using an alternative to plastic and other fossil fuel-based materials as and when they become commercially available. We commit to placing the long-term health of the planet front and centre of the work we do.    

As part of our contribution Supplier Strategies has committed to helping reach net zero emissions by 2030. We have made our commitment public by signing up on the SME Climate Hub and our subsequent including in the Race to Zero.

We strongly encourage all our partners, clients and suppliers to do the same. 

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