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Supplier Strategies
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Connecting Clean Innovation to the Market

Multidisciplinary research and analysis for a decarbonised future

You're a startup trying to look beyond your technology to understand the market and competing solutions. There is so much potential out there, and for the right technologies, no end of potential investors.

The basics are straightforward:

  • The factors driving the growth of decarbonization are indisputable, specific, and time-sensitive
  • There is no shortage of new technologies and solutions from both new and established vendors
  • Governments worldwide are formulating strategies, reforming laws, and allocating billions of dollars to promote decarbonisation
  • Many investors, venture capitalists, family offices, and sovereign wealth funds are now often focused only on investing in decarbonisation solutions

Against this canvas, how does your startup stack up? You know your technology inside out, but how well do you know your competitors? Why is your solution better? Do you really know your customers? Does your business model support these customers? Will your business be affected by government policy changes? How do you attract the right investors? What are the opportunity costs?

As in any market, some technologies, some vendors will prevail. The vast majority will not. How do you know if your solution will make the cut without independent, well-researched multidisciplinary anlaysis?

That's the value we add at Supplier Strategies.